We’ve started working in earnest on our garage remodel project here at the Grey Cottage. Which is to say, we’ve started breaking crap.

Demolition is the necessary first step in any construction project. You have to get rid of what’s there to make room for what you want to be there instead. I’m sure that’s some kind of metaphor for life or something. In the meantime, my shoulder aches like an aging MLB pitcher’s and we have a tiny mountain of drywall debris in what used to be a perfectly functional garage.

Still, I have this picture in my head of a beautiful new bedroom suite. The picture keeps me moving forward. Even though right now, it looks like mostly a big mess. But when it’s done, it will mean a guest room for family, a second bathroom, and a new space that might afford me a certain kind of peace I haven’t felt in a while.

Do you have special, sacred spaces in your life? Does living in a small or cluttered space affect your mental or emotional well being? What would you sacrifice to have a special space all your own?

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