Crossing the steams… I mean streams

I’ve decided to merge this site with my “official author site” ( Less said about that the better, probably. I’m going through a “streamlining and organizing” phase.

Just submitted a piece to an anthology that was looking for coffee-themed speculative fiction. Which, of course, is completely up my alley. This may be the one time using my coffee-themed Gmail address is actually an advantage to my “” email.

Going to start something new.

Every week, I’m going to be writing a flash fiction story (under 1000 words). But I won’t be posting it here.

Instead, I’m going to send it out by email.

See that big “Story me!” button up in the header? Click it if you’re interested. Or just go here. Every Friday, I’ll send you a spiffy new sci-fi, fantasy or steampunk story. For free.

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