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    Get. Out. Of. My. HEAD!!

    Seriously, what you have been writing lately are pages from my life. It seems like we're both on our own versions of a parallel journey. I wonder where we'll end up? 🙂


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    I assume you're referring to the last three or four paragraphs of this, and not the potentially psychologically-scarring novelty baking part?


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    Yes, I mean the themes you've been exploring for your last few posts, not the personal stories you use to lead up to it, even though they are funny. 🙂

    P.S. I'm not a fan of the Disqus comments. I hate having to log in to get my information to save, and I don't like fields whose purpose disappears once you enter them. It's a usability failure. 🙁


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    I feel like I'm telling a personal story with the themes, too. It's just serialized over several posts.


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