Counting Your Blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving, reader friends.  My gift to you is this lovely song from White Christmas.

My entire personality type is oriented around envy.  Our entire culture  is oriented around envy. “The American dream” is just a more emotionally palatable phrasing of “keeping up with the Joneses.”

The advertising industry where I work is designed to “cultivate a useful discontent with what we have,” but it’s only a slice of the cultural pie that we can’t seem to stop shoveling down, telling us there’s no such thing as “enough.”

Whether you are of a spiritual or religious bent or not, you have to acknowledge that there are powerful forces at work in the world attempting to pickpocket whatever meager, but buoyant, scraps of thankfulness you’ve managed to lay hold of, and replace them with big heavy rucksacks filled with obsession over the the Stuff You Don’t Have Yet.

So one day a year is probably not enough to yell at the top of my lungs how important it is to cultivate gratitude. It is not enough to remind myself, gently or more forcefully, that the flush toilet we replaced this fall makes me more affluent than 95% of the people who have ever lived.

But guilt is not usually the best path to gratitude.  The best path to gratitude is enjoyment.

So enjoy your blessings today, friends.

Loosen the talons of the heavy, ravenous, insistent beast that is envy, let it slip off your back, and revel in the sweet lightness of satisfaction.

See you on Monday. 🙂


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    A very sweet video. I love that movie.

    I have thoughts about envy and greed, too, but Bing and Rosemary put me in too good a mood.

  3. Kat French

    Happy to have improved your mood, then!


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