When "making sandwiches" is not a euphemism

[The following conversation took place shortly after lunch today.]

Me: I put the Bambi Joe mix back in the fridge. (Referring to some venison Sloppy Joes we had for lunch.)

Chris: Sloppy Bambi?

(Awkward pause.)

Me: Yeah, That sounds kind of…

Chris: Like something?…

Me: More adult-oriented than a sandwich. Yeah.


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    I do not know whether that is a local joke because I could not consider it as an euphemism. Either way that sandwich looks gross. Bon appétit 🙂

  2. Chris

    Daniel, that’s a stock photo… our sandwiches look way better! LOL

  3. Kat French

    …Not to mention, I was too busy eating them to snap a photo of them…

    Maybe it is a local thing, but around here, all the morning show radio DJs refer to sex as “making sandwiches.”

    I just thought it was funny that in talking about, literally, making sandwiches, one of us came up with a sandwich name that sounded vaguely like an adult film title…


  4. ·

    Never in my life had I heard of sex being referred to as “making sandwiches”. I’ll have to do some research on this. 🙂


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