Consider this fair warning. Even more touchy-feelyness ahead.

I really love Fall Cleaning.  There’s just something so refreshing about clearing out the clutter and getting yourself all sorted out, isn’t there?

I spent a good portion of my Labor Day weekend doing a little “fall cleaning” here on the blog–in addition to the fresh new theme, I revamped my non-post Pages.  If your curiosity got the best of you and you poked around there, you might have  noticed a low-key vocational announcement on my part.

I’m leaving marketing and advertising. Well, eventually.


I still have about 6 years of school left before I make the move.  If I make my goal of becoming a counselor by the age of 45 and retire at 65, that will be a 20 year counseling career.   I figure I have about 5 or 6 good years left in my 20-some year marketing career.  And I’m not sure anybody ought to work in marketing and advertising for more than 25 years.

Ultimately, the thing I’m best at is helping people find meaning by figuring out what kind of story they’re in, and who and where they are in that story.  Right now, I do it at the corporate level–helping companies figure out their brand’s story, and coming up with creative ways to share that story online.

In my future career, I’ll just be doing my “finding your story and making it work for you” thing at the individual level.

From a purely practical standpoint, over the last few years, I keep finding myself acting as a layman counselor. It just seemed like it might be a bit more efficient if I started getting paid for that, as opposed to getting paid for something else and still acting as a counselor in my nonexistent free time.

Also, it seemed like a wise course to get some actual formal training in counseling, as opposed to just flying by the seat of my pants a la Lucy Van Pelt.

I decided to make a more formal announcement of it, because the content of my posts here are going to move in the general direction of personal transformation, connection and communication rather than business transformation, connection and communication (which is actually where this blog started).

Context is important, so I hope those new posts will make more sense if you know the bigger story behind it.

Which brings me to another story I’ve been meaning to tell for quite some time.

Today is not the day for that story.

Not quite ready yet.

Maybe next post.

img (C) Charles M. Schulz


    1. Kat

      Thanks, Pamela! I appreciate the vote of confidence! It’s not to say I don’t have more cool stuff to experience in my current career. My plan is to try to get to my own personal Michael Jordan level in marketing–and then quit at the top of my game. 😉


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