Coming clean about eating clean

I participated in the 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge from MyFitnessPal this last week. You could choose to commit to one, two or three “clean” meals per day. I committed to two meals per day, which felt like it would be a legitimate challenge, but not impossible considering my schedule.

I stuck to the challenge pretty well, although I did have a half a funnel cake for my one “dirty meal” on Saturday. I didn’t start any crazy exercise programs, but I did get a few good walks in at the park. The net result was that I lost about 4.5 pounds during the challenge. Most of that was in the first three or four days, then I gained a pound or two back, then started dropping again.

Here are a few things I learned in doing the challenge.

  1. The toughest part wasn’t cooking. It was doing the dishes. I was expecting the need to cook food from scratch to be the hardest part, but I stuck to pretty simple foods. Especially one-pot meals.I actually enjoy cooking, so I didn’t mind it. But there’s nothing fun about washing dishes, so that was a bummer.
  2. I am just not a breakfast person. My plan going in was to eat something simple, like steel-cut oats, for breakfast, and then I would only have to really figure out lunch OR dinner. I did that for several days, but the truth is I am just not a three meals a day person. I have a tough time facing food right after I wake up. I found that if I ate “brunch” around 10-11  and an early dinner, I was pretty satisfied for the day.
  3. You feel better when you eat better. I had some fairly stressful stuff come up over the past ten days. But none of it threw me into a tailspin, and my moods stayed a lot more level. Which is always an important consideration for me.

The challenge is officially over, but I think I’m going to keep going with it. It’s not terribly difficult, and I’m all about making small, sustainable changes right now.

What small change have you made lately that made a big difference?

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