Comic Con Recap, or My Real Life Rocks

StanLeeWP_000276So, last week I went to San Diego Comic Con for work. It entailed me and two coworkers manning the merchandise booth for Marvel comics.

Hate on me, haters, if you must. I worked pretty darn hard to get to the point I am in my career. And I worked pretty darn hard on a project to get a ton of Marvel products launched in their new CafePress-powered store.

And I worked so hard on Thursday selling Mighty Marvel Merch, I had a brief moment Friday morning when I wasn’t sure I would be able to stand upright. I’m a desk jockey writer most of the time. Wasn’t prepared for 11+ hours a day on my feet, hustling to get tee shirts, tumblers and other collectibles to a line of customers that seemed endless.

By Friday, we had ourselves organized and managed to work some much-needed breaks in. I got to walk the exhibit hall floor and see the booths before all the people got there in the morning, which was cool. Found a steampunk booth where I picked up an aviatrix cap and goggles to round out my steampunk attire. Stan “the Man” Lee dropped by the booth for a signing. So I got to see him from about 10′ away. One poor kid nearly had a meltdown from excitement after meeting his icon.

Saturday was the big day for cast signings, for the Agent Carter “One Shot,” the new Agents of SHIELD television show, and for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I got to roll a poster for Joss Whedon, who was there for Agents of SHIELD.

I was happy to just watch the spectacle, but the nice folks from Marvel and the event management team let us go up and meet the cast of the last one, which included Anthony Mackie, Emily Van Camp, Frank Grillo, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and oh yeah, Samuel L. Jackson. It was crazy.

There were two costume contests at the booth, which were really fun as well.

I left San Diego on Sunday, ducking out in the middle of Tom Hiddleston and director Alan Taylor’s signing for Thor: The Dark World.

Aside from the name-dropping, it was a cool experience. As an introvert, it was actually nice to be working. Kept me busy, which kept my anxiety about all the people managed. One of my coworkers was baffled by the whole thing.

“Some people have a much richer fantasy life than they do a real life,” I explained, when he wondered out loud why people would put so much effort into elaborate costumes they couldn’t wear anywhere else.

“I guess I can understand that,” he said.

I used to be one of those people. These days, my real life is pretty damn awesome.


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    My Marine Corps son did security at both Comic Con and Wonder Con, he liked WonderCon better as it wasn’t as crazy and people had time to network. CC was crazy he said! Hurray hurray, onto the next person.


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