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  1. daryn

    We are right in the midst of “The Great Purge of 2007” as well. I love it. There is nothing more fun for me than to go and clean out the arteries of the house. I love the feeling of triumph as we conquer the hidden monsters. We do one room a day. Three piles begin to emerge – Toss, Ebay, and GW Outfitters. It is glorious! If it has a layer of dust on it, no matter what it is, it is out of here. If it has not been worn or used in the last year, bye-bye! I love looking at my nearly empty closet. It is simple and easy to manage. We each have 1 huge bin of “treasures” in storage in the basement. If we stumble upon something “treasureish”, it goes in that box. If it doesn’t fit in the box, something else has got to go out of the box to make room. It really helps you to put your priorities in perspective. Aren’t you excited about closets, cabinets, boxes, and drawers???


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