Christmas Surprise: Corsets are comfy.

So, I had an outstanding Christmas, which included getting a ridiculously awesome steampunk corset from Chris. It was exactly the one I wanted, and it fit perfectly. I wore it the entire day Christmas day, and I’ve worn it for a few hours here and there since.

I was expecting it to be cool-looking. I was expecting it to be flattering (I’m a curvy girl, and corsets were pretty much made for curvy girls). I was not expecting it to be so darn comfortable.

Seriously. I think if I could get away with wearing the thing every day I would totally do it.

First, getting into it was way easier than I expected. I think every white chick in America over a certain age has seen Gone with the Wind and remembers that scene where Scarlett’s holding onto a bed post for dear life while someone else is accomplishing some amazing feat of strength and engineering to get her a 16″ waist. Not the case with my corset. Got myself into it, and got it laced up and fully closed and tied off all by myself. Of course, I also wasn’t shooting for a 16″ waist.

Another discovery was that you have no idea how awful your posture is until you physically cannot slouch. Which lead to the further discovery that you have no idea how much that awful posture is hurting your back till suddenly you can’t slouch for a whole day, and the backache you’ve just gotten used to over the years isn’t there.

I also got some excellent steampunky boots, as well as the whole series of Firefly and Serenity on DVD. So I had a Merry Steampunk Christmas, and it was delightful.


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    I suspect a marathon of The Adventures of Captain Tightpants is imminent, TS.


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