1. Daryn

    You go! This is a terribly difficult time to start something like that. DH & I have too. We decided that we are worth it. (Go figure.) i went and made an appt. with a wellness coach at the new Y and everything. My problem is not nachos. It is that I hate to sweat – Makes exercising rather difficult. When I feel the heart rate go up, that is when I quit. I know, kind of defeats the purpose. I guess I need Bob or Jillian in my face telling me to just suck it up. But I hate confrontation too. Maybe even more than sweating. See, I quit. (JK)

  2. Kat

    LOL – Good luck to you and your hubby!

    I don’t mind sweating, and I usually enjoy the way I feel after a workout. But I don’t like stinky gyms full of weird, judgy people. I like doing videos at home, but wresting the tv away from Noggin can be a challenge.

    And the deep fried tortilla chips. As long as that chip basket is in front of me, my will to resist is pretty pathetic.


  3. ·

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Eat what you want today. Eat sensibly until Christmas day. Eat what you want on Christmas, but get back to healthy eating the next day. Ignore (or throw away if you can't) the leftovers. Two days won't hurt.

    Good luck!


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