Bring on September

Prepare yourselves for another “I have five minutes to write a blog post” blog post, friends.

You know what I’d do if I had more than 5 minutes to write this blog post? Nap.

Five minutes is not enough time to nap. Especially if you’re hanging out at the Hob Knobb Coffee Shop. I know they love their customers (hence the free wi-fi) but I’m pretty sure they draw the line at being “short-term flophouse for exhausted bloggers.”

A few random updates, since my posting has been rather sporadic lately:

The HRH is now a first grader, and has realized her lifelong (since age 3) dream of becoming a cheerleader.
Yes. There is such a thing as first grade cheerleading. They cheer at the first grade flag football games.
First grade football? Is awesome. They don’t need to tackle each other. Half the time, they just fall over from the sheer weight of the helmet and pads. 1000% more entertaining than watching our high school team get creamed again.
My son got a death threat. The situation appears to have been handled by our local law enforcement, but it did scare the bejeebus out of me and Chris.
Son’s reaction? Totally nonchalant about the whole deal. As is his wont with most things in life.
Still planning on changing roles at work. Still excited about it. Still not at liberty to discuss it much.

Well, that’s about all I can cram into 5 minutes. Whatchoo got going on?


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    I have a group project at school that I’m doing solo because my teammates are losers; I’m trying to herd cats at work; time at home is all about homework and laundry; I haven’t seen my friends in weeks; spending an hour with my husband is a guilty luxury I can barely afford.

    So this sums it up nicely:

  2. Kat French

    “Virginia is for lovers. Work is for herding cats.”

    I think “balance” is a myth (also, it conjures up connections to “perfect,” which makes my eyebrows furrow.) I do think we get seasons of outrageous busyness, and seasons of quiet (where we complain that we’re spinning our wheels and nothing is happening!)

    Dude, you and I are both in a season of outrageous busyness. But better to have a life that’s too full of good stuff than to be searching around for something to fill the empty hours, I guess. 🙂

    (Also, my son loves Linkin Park. Thx for the video!)


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