Breakdowns and breakthroughs

My laptop died on Friday. I suspected it was not long for this world for a few weeks. But as you always do, I thought I’d have a little more time, a little more warning.

Instead, I found myself pounding on it like I could somehow give a Dell hard drive CPR or something.

In this metaphor, I am Jack and my Dell is Charlie. Kate is probably my awkward coworkers who had to watch me try to revive a clearly-dead hard drive.
In this visual metaphor, I am Jack and my Dell is Charlie. Kate is probably my awkward coworkers who had to watch me try to revive a clearly-dead hard drive.

Fortunately, the coffers at the Grey Cottage are doing pretty well right now. So I was able to buy a replacement. But I lost 4000 words of my new urban fantasy work in progress, and about a thousand words I’d completed on the draft of Belle Starr: A Pair of Aces. Which was sort of a crushing loss.

Then Saturday, my intrepid brother-in-law Dave noticed my tire had gone flat. We aired it up, but it was flat again Sunday morning, keeping me from my appointed rounds in the nursery at church. We took it to the local tire center, expecting to patch the tire or at worst, replace it.

Nope. It turned out I’d somehow bent the wheel rim, enough that it wouldn’t seal with the tire anymore. Had to replace the entire wheel.

Then Monday morning, I got a call from the HRH’s school nurse. Stomach bug.  Can you please come and get her?

My life, under the best of circumstances, is kind of chaotic and messy. Over the past week, it’s been even more so.

Still, I did have the money to replace my laptop (and I love my new one.) I didn’t end up stranded, and my dad was able to find a replacement wheel for my import at a junkyard. Maddie’s stomach bug turned out to be a 24 hour thing, and thus far (fingers crossed), nobody else in the family has caught it.

In addition to these miscellaneous adventures, I approved the PDF galley for the re-release of Mirrors & Magic. The new version is about 100 pages, or 10,000 words, longer than the first edition. It should be available very soon.

I also started over on my urban fantasy/paranormal romance. Also, I finally came up with a working title I liked:  Dead Wood. And it’s going in an even better direction than my original draft. I also had a little breakthrough on A Pair of Aces.

We’ve got a party coming up this Friday at OOHology, and I got to name the custom-formulated craft beer that Apocalypse Brew Works made for us. Which I’m completely geeking out about. I love craft beer. I love coming up with clever names for things.

So all in all, a tiring but productive week.

How are you doing?

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    Oh no! Have you thought about data recovery? Our local computer shop couldn’t get a thing off of it but I sent it in and got EVERYTHING back! It wasn’t cheap but it was also very worth it. You’ve got my email if you want to know the company I used. 🙂


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