An Unexpected Yet Totally Unsurprising Turn of Events

One of the storyteller’s most useful tools is foreshadowing.  Dropping little hints and clues about what’s going to happen. It keeps the reader from being caught flatfooted by an unexpected turn of events. The sense of continuity created by foreshadowing means plot twists aren’t so brutally jarring.

Plus, as a writer, you feel awesomely clever when the reader says “How did I not see that coming?”

Foreshadowing happens in fiction for another reason: because it happens in real life. At least, it happens a lot in mine. In another blog post, I mentioned feeling like the straight man to God’s comedic genius. I do or say something, and it ends up being the set-up to a wacky cosmic punchline.  I have that “how did I not see this coming?” experience a lot in life. It does not make me feel awesomely clever. In the blinding clarity of hindsight, I recognize that God dropped all kinds of hints. I just wasn’t paying attention.

All of which is a long setup to make an unexpected announcement, which I subtly foreshadowed in previous posts.

I’m changing jobs again.

I worked with my friend Jason Falls at Doe Anderson, until he left to grow his outstanding blog Social Media Explorer into a full-fledged media business.  His partner, Aaron Marshall, has been a family friend of Chris’ and mine for several years.

Starting July 15, I’m joining Jason and Aaron as Operations Manager for Social Media Explorer.

This is both an unexpected, yet unsurprising, turn of events. Jason and Aaron are longtime friends of mine. I’ve worked effectively with Jason in the past–our strengths and weaknesses complement each other well.  As a writer, moving to a digital media company and working with a successful, published nonfiction author makes sense.

I love the guys at Makespace | Oohology. I’m grateful to have gotten to work with such a talented and fun crew of designers and web geeks.  They’re on a fast track towards success, and they’ve got what it takes to get there. If you need a beautiful, functional, responsive web site, you should absolutely call them. Especially for ecommerce design; I’ve not seen a lot of companies out there that do them as stylishly and affordably as Oohology.

So congratulate me, and go on over to Social Media Explorer and congratulate Jason and Aaron. To butcher a quote from Casablanca, it’s not the beginning, but this could be the continuance of a beautiful friendship. 🙂


    1. Kat French

      Thanks! It’s been hard to keep quiet about it while I was on vacation. I’m excited about it.


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