Beginning in the middle

So this morning, we participated in the first “preview” service at Sojourn New Albany. We started attending Sojourn the second week they were in the 930 building in Germantown.

It felt like Sojourn, but it felt different. There were so many new faces, but so many familiar ones we had lost track of as Sojourn has grown and grown over the last few years.

Our first community group was one of the first southern Indiana groups, although we didn’t join it till they’d been meeting for a number of years. We watched as Sojourn grew from a jampacked single service, to two services, to four services at the 930, to two campuses, to three campuses.

When the church was wrestling over what to call the original campus after the purchase of the St. Vincent building meant it would be straddling Germantown, Smoketown and Shelby Park neighborhoods, I offered up a suggestion that eventually became the name: Midtown.

We are at the beginning of things, but also in the middle of things.

We’ve seen other members go from single college students to married couples, and married couples become parents.  The friend who was Josh’s grade school youth leader when we started was startled to see him walk in, taller than me.  We saw people that we met when we first started attending that we haven’t seen for months or a year because our community group divided and we attended different services.

The last few years have been an adventure, for certain, but as with everything, it’s all prologue.

It feels like a beginning, and an ending, and right in the middle of things, as all the best stories do.


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  2. Chris

    I had forgotten that you came up with the midtown name. 🙂


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