Bedtime Story

Well, it feels like it’s time for an update to my “Domestic Disruptions” post.  

First, an apparently-necessary public service announcement:

Husbands:  Just in case you were wondering, in the event that your parents decide to drop in for a three month visit, no, your wife will NOT be okay with the both of you sleeping on a cheap air mattress in your open, not-even-slightly-private living room for the duration.  And shockingly, being on an air mattress in an open room in a house where your inlaws are sleeping is also NOT a turn-on.  (A) Borrow someone’s RV. (B) Insulate the garage and buy a bed.  (C) Put the kids in a room together-better they be at each other’s throats than you and your wife.  

Okay, back to our previously scheduled programming.  (And to answer your not-yet-commented question, we have gone with C.)  

In other news, this just in: a preschooler who has been successfully potty trained for over a year can, when her routine is disrupted, revert rather shockingly on the whole “potty accidents” front.  Even if the disruption is a largely positive one.  

My next Bard’s Tale will not, thankfully, be about me.  It will not be about my past, my relationships, or my current domestic or professional dramas.  I am keeping the drama on the page.  

The next Bard’s Tale post will be a chapter from someone else’s life.  Names will be changed to protect the innocent (but mostly, to protect me from getting sued).  It’s a true story.  It’s an inspiring story, about someone who has inspired me.  I hope you enjoy it.  

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  1. Christopher

    Thanks for the hot tip Honey…

  2. Kat

    LOL – and thanks for being okay with the fact that I post our personal “bizness” here…


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