Beating Dead Horses

Trying to figure out what is a distraction and what is “the main thing” is complicated, isn’t it? I was asked to help out at church with a large event. Which, okay, I help out a lot already. But the thing is, the email I received was from a staff member at church who said she was asking the people who had “shown they were ready for above and beyond commitment of effort” to come to a major event and provide childcare for the rest of the church.

Okay. So basically, the people who are already running themselves ragged doing everything it takes to run a church? The infamous 20% from the 80/20 rule? And something about that just TICKED ME OFF. Why not look up the email addresses of the folks who have their butts in the pew every Sunday and who never, ever help contribute any effort? Why not cull the 80% for once?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my church. I love the work that I do for church. In fact, I won’t do something that I know I can’t do cheerfully and without feeling resentful and used. Which is why I declined her “offer.” It just felt like they were contacting the people who can’t seem to say no to any request. And that’s just taking advantage of people. I genuinely feel serving at church is an opportunity. But not when it’s presented like this. Not when you ignore the fact that I have two small children of my own, and I miss out on many activities at church because I can’t find anyone to watch them. All you see is the fact that I volunteer a lot.

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