Back to the Future

A little over a year ago, I started working for CafePress, the world’s largest print-on-demand company. As a Top 100 Internet Retailer, it’s been a great opportunity for me to see how social really works in driving ecommerce revenue at scale.

I’ve had the opportunity to manage a Facebook page with over a half a million fans. I’ve been able to create a multifaceted content strategy built on a catalog of millions of fun, engaging images. I’ve met a number of the thousands of independent artists and designers who create that content. I’ve also had the chance to work with some of my favorite entertainment properties: Marvel comics, ABC television, BBC’s Doctor Who and more. It’s been kind of a geek’s dream.

It’s been a thrilling year with a lot of cool accomplishments and experiences, from which I’ve learned much.

However, all good things must end. After a year of working on the brand side of things, I’ve decided to return to a creative agency environment. I’m going back to Oohology and their small business division Makespace, as their new Copy Director.

I’m excited about this change. I’m leaving CafePress’ social marketing in capable hands. At Oohology, I’ll get to work with everything from brand-new startups, to legacy businesses in my local community, to national brands. Having worked with them before, I know it’s a fun, flexible creative environment whose emphasis is on producing and delivering results.

In 2013, they launched over 52 websites. Anyone who’s ever worked for a digital agency or web dev knows that launching a site a week shows an incredible commitment to being artists who ship.

I’d like to thank CafePress for giving me the opportunity to work with them over this past year. And I’d like to thank Oohology for welcoming me back to the fold.


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