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    And so the “everything is moderation” idea is a good one.

    Just popping in to say HI. My husband & I just returned from a 15 day trip out west. Our YD is working at the Utah Shakespearean Festival this year, so we went to see her & visit many, many sights along the way.

    Sorry to read about your Grandmother’s passing.

    Before we began the trip home I was in quite a state. I did not want to come home to business as usual. Work is fine – it’s the rest of my life that needs to change. Much like you wrote about trying to find out what you are for. I don’t know where this will lead me this time, but I know for sure some changes are coming.



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    Well, enjoy the ride. I know from my own experiences, those kinds of thoughts and prayers lead to “interesting times” in the words of the famous Chinese blessing/curse.

    Good to hear about your daughter. She’s quite the thespian, as I remember. I’d love to get the opportunity to get back into acting myself, but a lot of other things would have to leave my plate first.

    Hope “not business as usual” turns out to be something truly great. Hugs!


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