1. jonna

    oddly enough, the drama room would have been the least intimidating to me. Maybe because i have so much practice with my own 12×10 garbage cans…


  2. ·

    Much of the stuff needed to go to the dumpster, and that was part of the intimidation. It’s not “my” stuff; yet I’m responsible for it. It’s hard to make that command decision to dumpster things other people “donated” to the drama ministry, although what a few people were thinking when they donated particular items, I’m not sure.

    I honestly think some people go “Well, this isn’t nice enough to give to Goodwill. I know! We can give it to the drama team for a prop or costume!” And while large fabric remnants are nice, I threw away a waste-wheeler full of pieces of fabric that were slightly larger (or smaller!) than a hanky. We don’t need 5000 hankies. Or makeup that’s 15 years old. Or, for the love of Pete, used toupees.

    It was a scary day, people.

  3. jonna

    ok, the makeup is just gross. sheesh, people! everyone knows you’re not supposed to share that stuff.

    but the toupee…
    now that is just a whole ‘nother level of creepy.


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