Aretha Franklin, Again

Well, in my last musing, I was pondering what was the best way to “put down the rope” in my familial tug-of-war. It has finally come down to just basically dropping it. Because I’m at the end of it. My rope, that is.

Everything, but everything, is going swimmingly in my life right now, and I can’t appreciate it because I’m too darn busy trying to figure out the next hoop my family expects me to jump through to earn their love and respect.

MEMO TO SELF: real “love” is, by nature, unconditional and “just because.” It’s a free gift. “Love with a Price Tag Attached” is more popularly known as “prostitution.” You can’t demand love.

But you sure as heck can demand respect.

Whachooo want? Baby I got it. Whachooooooo need? Well ya know I got it. All I’m askin’ is for a little RESPECT when I come home.

Yeah, baby.

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