And now, for something totally different.

For the few, the proud, the people who are still checking this blog:

I am going to be basically taking this blog offline for a bit, and then rebooting it in a different direction in the next couple of weeks.

Let’s be painfully honest: there are too darn many blogs on social media and SEO out there right now. I do feel like I have something slightly different to say about it, and a little different voice and perspective that others.

But the thing is, that’s just not where I want to put my energy and my passion right now–saying something slightly different about a topic that is massively over-covered elsewhere right now.

I’m a renaissance gal at heart. So this blog is going to become an expression of that, to some degree. That’s all the hint you get. Sorry.

Consider this your fair warning. If you’re linking to me now, feel free to drop those links till you have a chance to see the new direction and figure out if it’s still a fit. No hard feelings–and I deeply appreciate your “editorial stamp of approval” on what I’ve posted here previously.

Thanks! ~ Kat

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