And Now, A Few Words From Our Sponsors

After my … um… heated post this morning, you’d think I had a bad day. Actually, not really.

A bad, miserable, angst-filled weekend? Yup. But a pretty decent Monday, once I finally made some concrete plans for how to bow out of my family gracefully. I don’t do “graceful” well, as a general rule.

I have a plausible story as to why we can’t do the family dinner thing anymore (which has the excellent benefit of consisting entirely of totally true things)–school has started, Jr. has nightly homework, I’ve taken on a part-time work-from-home gig to get those lingering medical bills paid off, and our church is starting a big ol’ six week project that is going to keep both me and TDO very, very busy.

I made a list of lingering practical stuff that might be a reason for my family to contact me or vice versa, and I can basically get it all resolved this week.

I just don’t know what’s more disturbing. The fact that I feel such peace knowing that I have a workable plan to exit my family’s life, or the fact that I felt like I had to come up with one…

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