An Absolutely Random Post About People I Like

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I like people.

In my twenties and younger, that wasn’t so much the case.  But as with all things, my opinion of and affection for my fellow man is being renewed.

In practical application, that renewal looks a lot more like a fractal than a straight line running from “all people suck” to “I have effectively become Mother Teresa.”   I still have the occasional “all people suck” day.

So in thinking about the fact that I like people, I figured I would share a few people I have recently discovered that I like online.  (There are other people whom I’ve liked for a long time.  They’re not in this post.  Sorry.)

Rachel Held Evans – Rachel is from the town in Tennessee where the Scopes Monkey Trial happened.  She wrote a book about growing up there, and working out some of the big questions of life and faith in a place where questions are not historically appreciated.  Plus, she’s super nice and we have a mutual Twitter friendship based on envy of someone else.

Kristin T. writes Halfway to Normal.  We share a lot of common interests: writing, faith, culture, life in the midwest, the centrality of relationships to… well, basically everything.

Maggie dear of is an awesome writer, mom and Batman-esque fighter against the injustice of domestic violence.  She’s currently undergoing a transformative experience of her own, which has been pretty amazing to watch.  Peace be da journey, Maggie.

Molly writes The Girl in the Middle.  Like me, she’s a marketing professional who lives near Louisville, Kentucky.  Unlike me, she actually cares about what she eats.   I’m not a foodie–I’ll eat anything you set in front of me that is marginally edible.

We haven’t included any guys yet, so I should also mention that I really like Charles (who always lets me know what he thinks about what I think) and who is going to be attending culinary school thanks to the Food Network (how cool is that?), Pastor Jon, and Matthew Paul Turner, who keeps me in stitches.  Also, coworker Dave who lets me chill out in his jazz lounge when I get all stressy from work related crazyness.

So who do you like?


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    Oh I am so thrilled to be in such good company. I love Matthew Paul Turner too, and there are a few new people I am on my way to check out! Thanks for the new “drugs” 😉

  2. Kat

    Hey, ladies! Thanks for popping in! 🙂


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    I just saw this! I’ve been in a horribly stuffy, insular place as of late, which makes me particularly annoyed at myself to have missed this post, but also particularly buoyed up by it. 🙂

    I’m with you—I still have days when “all people suck,” but my general love and respect for people has only gone up the last few years. And you know what? People I’ve met via blogging and Twitter (like the lovely YOU) can take most of the credit for my elevated opinion.
    .-= Kristin T. (@kt_writes)´s last blog ..Can we become addicted to lifestyles we abhor? =-.


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    Awwwww, girl, thank you for this! I love it, your kindness and your humor and this unnecessary but oh so generous gift. Thank you thank you thank you!
    .-= maggie, dammit´s last blog ..Who do I think I am? =-.


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