Altered by the unexpected.

It’s a little ironic that I wrote last Friday about surviving the whirlwind

And then Sunday, we ended up with no power after the remains of Hurricane Ike spun through the area.  

LG&E reported about 300,000 without power due to the event in Louisville, and when I called Duke Energy (the Indiana provider) they said that about 100,000-200,000 of their customers were down.  

So about a half a million people were bereft of electricity this week in my local area.  

We got ours back late Tuesday evening (I had fortunately already queued up Monday’s post on Friday.  Thank you, WordPress!)  

I had a lot of plans for this last week.  I can assure you, none of them involved grilling all the rapidly-thawing meat from my freezer on our tiny charcoal grill.  Or cooking soup in a crock pot next to my desk all day Tuesday for dinner. (The office still had electrical power, and I think the smell was starting to drive my coworkers slowly insane by about 3:00 PM.)  I briefly considered picking up a copy of Manifold Destiny to figure out how to accomplish dinner during my evening commute for Wednesday.  

I had to improvise.  I had to slow down.  I had to let go of my own plans and work with the situation at hand.  I spent a lot of time reading children’s books to my kids.  

It was a little bit glorious.  

Enjoy your weekend.  May your plans work out exactly as you’ve foreseen.

Or else, may you be enriched by whatever happens that wasn’t in the plan.


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