All the small things.

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a little overwhelmed.

It’s been a weirdly quiet beginning to the new year. Quiet, but productive.

I’m settling in to my new job at CafePress. This week, I moved into what should be my permanent office for the foreseeable future. I brought in pictures and houseplants and my awesome LOST poster.

My theme for the past two weeks has been “small, meaningful things.” The scope of the big picture at this gig is a bit overwhelming. So I’m focusing on consistently finishing small, meaningful tasks every day. Those small meaningful tasks often add up to really big results over time. Also, you very rarely get stuck in roadblock purgatory on a small meaningful task. Nobody freaks out and puts the kibosh on you.

I’ve also started using LinkedIn (and to a certain degree, Twitter) as a tool to prompt myself to complete some small, meaningful task daily.

Just started applying the “small things daily” idea to my diet and exercise. So far, I’m getting consistent with taking my vitamins and the supplements that help me manage my overall wellness. Eating a bit healthier, as well.

Speaking of small, meaningful task completion, I finished writing my January eBook last night.

“Big Teeth” weighed in at about 5,800 words, which was dead center of my estimate. I’m pleased with it, but will probably polish it a bit. I still have to finalize the cover, and format it, before I attempt to upload it to Smashwords. I am approaching that task with much trepidation, based on the horror stories of a nonfictional nature I’ve heard from other writers. Still, the only way you get to do cool new things is to keep doing things you haven’t tried before. My whole career has pretty much been a series of taking on jobs I wasn’t qualified to do, and getting good at them too fast for anyone to notice I wasn’t qualified when I started.

It also occurred to me last night that it’s a good thing I write books, not screenplays, because I tend to blow up my sets frequently. My movies would be terribly expensive to make, with all the special effects and explosions. It’s much cheaper (and probably more environmentally responsible) to let your readers’ imaginations handle the special effects and explosions.

Also, I’m not sure most actors would willingly perform some of the stunts I write.

At any rate, I should have the eBook available for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or other eReader reading pleasure this weekend.


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