After Imaginarium

I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, the one where I think they decided to give me my own office because I come here so often. Lifehouse is singing “Broken” and the cafe au lait is starting to get my neurons firing again.


troll buddies

Last weekend, I attended Imaginarium. It was a great experience. From moderating and sitting on panels, to chatting up other authors and publishers in the Exhibitors Hall, to sneaking out with Leslea Tash, Chris Garrison and Addie King to mug next to Louisville’s Bridge Troll. (Who is much friendlier than the one described in Peter S. Beagle’s “Underbridge.”)

I had the pleasure of meeting writer friends I’d only previously known online, like R.J. Sullivan, whose Red Lotus series of space opera I loved and recommend. And also, running around the con wearing a Batgirl t-shirt and cape. (I really hope nobody was expecting anything heroic of me when the fire alarms went off.)

10517537_859850050691926_5205864527618087960_n10679841_1491263017794474_5849679771728043443_oIt was also my first official outing as a partner in a small press publishing company. Marian Allen, T. Lee Harris, Sara Marian were all in attendance, working the booth and doing panels as well. They were staying at the hotel, while I was driving back and forth from the mighty metropolis of Palmyra. It was a lot of driving and meant I couldn’t participate in the parties, but I did get home in time to catch the epic fireworks display at the Pal Wow Family Fun Fest, aka the 175th anniversary celebration of my tiny hometown.

For a first year event, Imaginarium was amazing. The networking was phenomenal, the caliber of the content was fantastic, and I’m confident it will continue to grow in attendance in the next year.

ByaWkwpIIAA17NsI meant to write this recap sooner, but my life doesn’t slow down for even a minute. This week, I’ve been helping prep for VirtOOHoso, a party with a fine art theme from OOHology.

After three days of the con and week ramping up to a night of bourbon, music and socializing, I’m a little partied out right now.

Okay, I’m  A LOT partied out right now. I can fake being an extrovert for short periods, but it really wears out my batteries. So I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend of recharging. I’m inspired, and ready to get writing again.

But maybe, a nap first?




    1. Kat

      Sweet! I’m definitely going back, and I’d love to meet you in person. 🙂


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