Who Is That Darn Kat?

Hi, I’m Katina Beckham French, aka KatFrench: gen-x wife, mom, web writer, sf/f author and follower of Christ.

I’ve been married for over twenty years(!) to my high school sweetheart, Chris. We live in southern Indiana near Louisville, KY with two amazingly creative, funny, opinionated kids and a pug named after Rocky Balboa.

Writing has been what I love doing most since I was five, and my vocation since I was 18.  I’ve written everything from lullabies to radio commercials to 200 page technical proposals to build weapons simulators for the military. I used to build websites. I don’t do that anymore because building a good website requires a coder, a designer, and a writer, and I’m only really good at one of those. 😉

Since 2006, I’ve been doing strategy and execution of search and social media programs at some of the top agencies in the region. What that basically means is that I plan the editorial calendar and write for my clients’ web properties, including blogs, email, and social media. I’ve also managed my clients’ social media accounts, responding on their behalf via Twitter, Facebook and more.

If you’re curious about that side of my life, connect with me on LinkedIn. I currently work full time as the operations manager for Social Media Explorer, an AdAge 150 top marketing blog and educational resources company.

I used to be available for freelance content strategy and web copywriting work on a very limited basis. However, in the last year I have put that time and energy into writing fiction, mostly science fiction and fantasy. Right now, I’m especially taken with steampunk, both as a reader and writer. My first published work will be out next year.

This blog is mostly about  sharing stories and sharing life. I tend to think that one leads to the other, most of the time.

We tend to hesitate about sharing either one, wanting to wait till they’re perfect or at least presentable.

That’s a mistake. Sharing is how your unfinished stories, and your unfinished life, get better.

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