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    Hey! Glad to see you got your washer. I got my first blog up! It only took a matter of minutes! Check it out and let me know what you think!
    Love ya!


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    Cool! I’ve never heard of freeservers before. I assume you’re using the blog builder tool? Very nifty 😉

    Looking forward to those vacation pics. We’re still trying to decide what to do for our weekender…

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    Hon, I wanted to ask how your kid is doing. I also wanted to warn you about this crud going around. This cough/flu or whatever it is is bad stuff. Mine started off as a cough and slowly worked its way into bronchitus and pneumonia. I was so sick, I would almost pass out from coughing. I would get dizzy and see sparklys. The weird thing is, I had absolutely no fever which is really odd, I am thinking my body was not even fighting it.

    It took 2 full weeks after I finished the antibiotics to start to crawl back out of it. Hubby got it too a few weeks later, but he had a fever and spent a week in bed.

    The other thing I wanted to warn you about (Ok I am a mother hen) is this other stuff which is darn near killing people around here. My aunt just got out of the hospital with it, and it is going around like crazy. Its called an MRSA, I dont know if you remember me saying I had it about a year or so ago, it left me with a nice scar on my chin. This stuff is major bad, its a type of bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics.

    In some cases its been known to eat into the bones of people. Its becomming resistant to more and more types of antibiotics too. Bad stuff. They call it a “super bug.”

    The thing with it is, you can catch it by touching something that someone who is infected has touched. Places like hospitals, Drs offices, and in my case, Dentist offices, are starting to be a place where this stuff lurks about.

    If you or your little ones go to a doctor, make sure they wash their hands with something as soon as possible when they leave there. If a person infected with an MRSA touched say the chair they were sitting in, they could get it.

    If they have any odd skin problems at all, dont just rely on what the doctor says, most of them dont know about MRSA’s and will give you antibiotics and send you home. Normal antibiotics wont touch an MRSA. When I had it, I had to take the heavy duty antibiotics. Horse pills.

    Demand they do a culture for MRSA infection. I cant stress that enough. There are whole support groups on the web for people who got an MRSA and cant get rid of it. They keep taking antibiotics, and it just comes back again and again. Whole families are infected, its really bad stuff.

    Ok I will stop being a mother hen now lol.


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    well, you will be glad to hear that she got a good report from the doctor just tuesday. 🙂 and we haven’t seen anything at all on her skin.


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