All I Want Is A Room Somewhere

Some days I work from the Grey Cottage, and some days I go in to the Social Media Explorer Secret Offices in downtown Louisville. Some days, I go someplace else for a change of scenery. Today I’m at the Harrison County Public Library.

Whenever I need to get my head on straight and think clearly, the best place for me to be is the library. It’s like all those books, organized and neatly tucked into their shelves, show my scattered random thoughts how to sort themselves out.

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I really wish baking were this easy.

It makes me think of the scene from Sleeping Beauty where Fauna is trying to bake the cake, and she finally just gives up any pretense of knowing what she’s doing. She just says “Oh, it’s all right here in the book,” the ingredients check the recipe, and just start marching into the bowl in an orderly fashion on their own.

There are two places on earth I obsessively check my phone to make sure it’s silent: church, and the library. Church, because one time at Sojourn Midtown, I forgot and Prince started singing “Starfish and Coffee” from my back pocket, in the front row, in the middle of Pastor Daniel’s sermon.  And I don’t know how Pastor Daniel feels about Prince, but I felt pretty darn embarrassed. Even though “Starfish and Coffee” is an excellent song and a darn fine ringtone.

I obsessively check to make sure my cell is on vibrate at the library, because the librarians are hardcore about quiet. They will ban your noisy butt FOREVAH if your cell annoys someone else.

Which is as it should be. There should be quiet places in the world, where you can hear yourself think. And quiet has to be enforced, because people are obnoxious self-absorbed jerks. So rock on, hardcore Harrison County Librarians. You keep doing what you do, defending the fragile quiet so poor addle-brained people like me have a place where we can figure out tough questions that involve math and/or logic.

Speaking of quiet, I’m excited to be going to my first ever writer’s retreat! I saw this announcement on my bulletin this Sunday:

Between morning quiet out in the woods and campfire s’mores in the evening, we’ll learn from poet Dave Harrity about creative writing and practice how it might function as a spiritual discipline.

I’m serious.

Let me just put this out there: If you put “Jesus”+”Writing”+”S’mores” into a Venn Diagram, that place in the middle where they all meet? Kat’s idea of  Heaven.

Oh yes, there will be s’mores in Paradise. And I’m pretty certain it’s always early Fall there.  At least I hope so.

Where do you think best? I find the library good for actual construction of prose, math, puzzling out logic problems, organizing things, and other orderly work. More creative brainstorming work, I need to be able to get up and walk around.

How about you? What helps you think? Quiet? Music? Prince?

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    The quiet – or gentle Celtic music – helps me to focus on my writing. But most of all there shouldn’t be visual distractions, so I have made myself a writing haven in the old nursery of my – now young adult – sons.
    Thank you for this interesting article. I have never tried the library but I’m tempted very much to do so now.
    Wishing you much fun and inspiration.


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