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    The last two lines of that made the post. If we knew what was going to happen, what fun would life be then?

    The past two years of my life have been nothing but surprises. I don’t think it’s what we set out to achieve that defines us but how we respond to the curveballs that we rarely see coming. Sometimes those curveballs hurt but looking back – I wouldn’t trade any of them.


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    You can’t necessarily predict the future, but if you invest a lot of hard work you can turn a dream, goal or resolution into reality. Wishing doesn’t make it so. Doing does. I’ll be doing more doing this year. So while I don’t know the outcome, I do know there will be one other than wishing.


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    Drew – I don’t always like the way I wrap up my posts, but I did feel like this ending had some punch. Glad you liked it.

    Charles – Doing is incredibly important, and kind of what I was getting at with “putting some skin in the game.” Wishing is useless. Doing is much better, but to quote the philosopher Jagger, “you can’t always get what you want,” sometimes even if you work incredibly hard at it.

    Doing it, putting forth the effort, is still the best thing to do.


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