A missive from your messy hostess.

My Dear Reader Friends,

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey so far.  I appreciate it more than you know.

It’s been hard for me to post here lately. I suspect it has to do with the tagline in my header graphic: “Wandering the web, full of wonder and stories.”

I’m tired of wandering, on the web and elsewhere.  I need to set a new tone, here and in the rest of my life.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my random musings here, and I am truly grateful for anyone who’s taken the time to read them, and even moreso, the stalwart few who comment.

But I’ve reached the point where the things I’m doing with my time and energy need to have… a point to them.  This whole blog feels like one long digression.  Maybe interesting at times, but ultimately not one that was going anywhere.

As I look back over the posts here, I can appreciate the tale I was spinning for you for what it is.  I can see the story of a soul who is wandering and observing, and occasionally stumbling upon an insight or two, but rarely coming to any conclusions.  At least, few that I’m willing to share with the entirety of ye olde interwebs.

But I have come to some conclusions in the last few months.  One of those conclusions is, if I’m going to keep posting to this blog, it needs a better reason to exist than just as a repository for whatever semi-interesting ephemera floats through my consciousness.

If it’s going to be the tale of my life, then I need to live more interestingly, at the very least.  If living is storytelling in real time, it’s time to close the book on the tale of the pensive wandering internet bard, and start a new story.  An adventure story.  Maybe all this was prologue.

I don’t want to write yet another social media blog.  Or yet another internet marketing blog.  I have stuff to say about those topics, but this isn’t the place for it.  When I say I want this blog to have a purpose, I think people may automatically translate that to “I want to monetize this blog” because of what I do for a living.  It’s not that.  I’m chasing meaning here, not money.

Not that I’ve got any particular grudge against money.   It pays the bills on the Little Grey Cottage, and whatnot.

I’m still interested in community, and connection, and what it all means.  I still love writing and storytelling as much as I ever did.

I’m more and more fascinated with the idea of soul and what it means to be real, and how we cultivate soulfulness and connection to reality in our lives. I’m not qualified to preach to anyone from some imaginary podium of “got it all togetherness.”  I’m as messy as the next person.  But messy people can have valuable stuff worth sharing, too.

I’m not 100% sure yet what Internet Bard is going to become. I’m open to hearing what you’d like to see here.

Thanks for hanging in there.

All my best, Kat


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    I don’t know you as a social media or internet marketing manager. I know you as a thirty-something woman living in Appalachia who is experiencing life and sharing the journey. As Eve said “I do what they can’t do, I just do me.” Be yourself. Your wonderful, inspiring, interesting, feet-of-clay self. 🙂
    .-= Charles Robinson´s last blog ..Tip for VMWare Workstation on Windows 7 Enterprise =-.

  2. Kat

    Awww… thank you guys. I’m sorry I have been hit or miss in responding to comments for the last week or so. More messiness at work, I’m afraid. But thank you. I appreciate it.


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    This may be an issue that comes up for all bloggers eventually. I’m sure it did for me a few years ago and I know a friend who had the same kind of question a year ago. I wrote a post in response to her question, “Does blogging need a reason?” and it’s one of my posts that I kind of liked.

    It may be the meaning of your blog is the quest for meaning. As my post says, we get so caught up in purpose sometimes that we forget to have fun. My blog is essentially those two things: 1) quest for meaning, and 2) having fun (in other words, because I like it).

    I’ve tried before to make my blog have a purpose or meaning, that’s why it looks like it’s about writing, but it always goes back to those two things.

    As for meaning, I don’t think it’s a destination; it’s an aspiration.
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..Mark Twain explains stories and social media =-.


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