A look ahead, and word of thanks

The smart and hardworking Gabriel Goldenberg of SEO ROI Services just published an interview with me. Gab was extremely gracious, and asked some really smart questions (to which I hope I gave some intelligent responses). So I figured I would say thanks, and share a little link love.

One way that Gab perhaps doesn’t know that he helped me out was in asking one of his questions (number 2, specifically), he forced me to go ahead and come up with the editorial calendar for the next couple of months for Internet Bard. So if you’re wondering what I’ll be writing about in the next few weeks, hop on over to SEO ROI and find out. He’s essentially published my editorial calendar. 😉

In addition to this week’s posts, which will be about the addictive nature of social networking sites and a rundown of some good productivity tools and strategies for copywriting and blogging, I’m going to be making a few “non-content” changes to this blog to make it a little more appealing.

I’m going to be creating a custom theme. Much as I like the chocolate brown and the nifty javascript categories menu, this theme was really just a placeholder because I ended up pushing the launch of this blog forward by several weeks. The new theme will be more similar to my other blog‘s theme, sort of reminiscent of Matt Mullenweig’s Photomatt or MostlyLisa (which I just discovered last week).

I’m going to edit the blogroll. I know. Duh. It’s been a few weeks now, and I’m still sporting the default WP blogroll. I plan to fix that this week. Which segueways nicely into a request: if you write or edit a topically related blog and would like to be included in my blogroll here, drop me a comment on this post.

Going to install some link-love friendly plugins. It’s always a balancing act between courting spam and discouraging discourse, but I think I’m going to install Lucia’s Link Love, which de-nofollows comments after your third approved comment.

So hopefully, in a week, this will be a little nicer place to drop by.

EDITED TO ADD: I apparently picked a good week to think “themes” the always-on-the-ball Skellie just posted a list of six fantastic, minimalist WP themes.


  1. ·

    I would be honored to be on your blogroll and this post reminded me I haven’t added you to mine. Sorry … off to do that.

  2. Kat

    Jason, you were a shoe-in regardless, as is anyone in my feed reader. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you at SMC Louisville next week.


  3. ·

    Hey Kat,

    Thanks for link love. Would you mind editing the link to read “SEO ROI” (or better yet, SEO ROI Services) with a space between the two? For whatever reason Google is hassling me about ranking for my own name…

    Anyways, glad to help, and the truth is that you made that post awesome. Your answers were thought out and fun reading. SU’s community agrees, too :).

    I want to do part 2 once you’ve been blogging here for say, 3 and/or 6 months… Sound good?

  4. Kat

    Sounds great. And your link is edited to Google’s satisfaction. 🙂


  5. ·

    glad my site has helped inspired you a create a custom theme. it really does add a lot more character to a site.

    best of luck!


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