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    Thanks for the kick in the pants. In a relationship you need to put the petty scorecard away and keep track of the important parts. Who cooked dinner and who did the dishes pales next to the life you’re building. Focusing on the small things takes your attention away from the bigger picture and what you’re really trying to accomplish. The goal isn’t a perfect scorecard.

    I find myself getting caught up in the “but you said you would…” argument a lot. People make commitments and I expect them to honor them. When they don’t I hold their feet to the fire until they light up. It’s usually not very effective.

    Lately I’ve been trying a different tack. Instead of waiting for someone else to do their part, as the deadline approaches and things aren’t getting done I do it myself. Most often this is met with a bit of indignation: “I was going to do that!” But we both know it’s feigned hurt, and eventually the other person will thank me for taking initiative. Or not. I have been accused of being a glory hound. When that happens I suggest the other person could have had the glory if he had done the work.

    That’s not to say I’m not a slacker at times, too. Sometimes I have a hard time getting started doing the stuff that needs to be done and instead do the stuff that’s just fun. And sometimes I get a little tweaked because it feels like I’m doing all the work.
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