A Dose of Perspective

Wednesday afternoon on my way home from work, I got some frightening news.  My daughter was injured in a fall at the sitter’s.  She appeared to be fine–just some scrapes and such–but the nature of the accident was such that she could very easily have been badly injured or killed.  With a famous actress dying of a smaller fall…yeah, me and everyone who cares about this little girl were pretty freaked out.  In those situations, your mind just immediately goes to how bad it could have been. 

I stayed home with her yesterday, mostly to observe her and take her to the doctor’s just to get fully checked out.  She got a clean bill of health from them and I got a list of things to look for that are signs of trouble. 

The truth is, I had been feeling pretty sorry for myself for reasons that now seem pretty darn silly.  There’s nothing like a big dose of gratitude and perspective to clear out the stupid stuff we distract ourselves with. 

And sans those distractions, I have little else to do but the things I’ve been avoiding.  Good things.  Scary things.  Big things. 

Stay tuned.

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