A crazy week, and oh yeah, Bitter Cold is now published.

It’s been an unusually eventful week.

Monday, the Speculative Fiction Guild published Gifts of the Magi: A Speculative Holiday Collection which included my Clockwork Republics story, “The Curious Case of the Cobbler’s Christmas.”

In case you haven’t noticed, I really enjoy alliteration. 🙂

Then Wednesday, I had to go to the Emergency Room for chest pains, shortness of breath and some other troubling things, which decided to show up while I was driving to work. In case you were wondering, I really don’t recommend driving while experiencing those symptoms. The doctors felt like it was a good idea to keep an eye on me, so I ended up admitted for observation to make sure there was nothing wrong with my heart.

After getting injected with radioactive stuff TWICE, and getting stuck on a treadmill with a bunch of electrodes and things stuck to me, I sadly didn’t develop any superpowers. However, I did confirm that there was nothing wrong with my heart. So, there’s that.

Web Version Bitter ColdAnd then, I had a second book published in a week. Marian Allen caught some story problems (which I fixed) to make it a stronger book. T. Lee Harris did an amazing, blazing-fast job of the layout and design of the interiors and back cover of Bitter Cold, and pushing it through the sausage grinder which is KDP and Createspace.

It is now available for your reading pleasure in print ($12.99) or eBook ($2.99). If you loved Disney’s Frozen, or are digging the current Snow Queen storyline on “Once Upon a Time,” you should really check it out.  My version is a bit more faithful to the original Hans Christian Anderson story, except for the explosions, airships and jet-propelled clockwork reindeer.

My friends, if you read the words “jet-propelled clockwork reindeer” and still don’t want to read this book, I’m not sure what greater inducement I can make. Except maybe telling you that there are about a half-dozen Star Wars references slyly tucked within the pages as well. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to buy a chemistry set and create an antigravity formulae in your kitchen.

So, yeah. Kinda had a week. Got some new books out. Don’t have a heart condition.

That about wraps things up.


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    I’m so glad your heart is okay, Kat! Give the superpowers some time. But meanwhile, be careful what you ge bitten by, I mean what if a genetically altered toad bites you? Toad-woman just doesn’t seem very Kat to me. Unless you’re talking the fairy-tale-turning-into-a-toad type thing, but how is that a super power?

    The original Bitter Cold is the story that made me a fan, so the very idea that you made it *better* is mind boggling. It’s on my to-read-soon list!


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