Saying Goodbye to Doe Anderson

For nearly three years, I have been a social media manager at a small-but-respected advertising agency, Doe Anderson.

I don’t think I realized before I got the job just how impressive it was to get it.  I’ve since learned that it’s incredibly difficult to get your foot in the door, so I’m truly grateful for the opportunity.

They’re a remarkably talented bunch of Mad Men, and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work with them.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and it’s time for me to leave Doe Anderson.

I’ve simply reached a point where I needed to scale back my work responsibilities and travel, and put a greater emphasis on family, relationships and personal pursuits, at a time when they’re ramping up business.

My husband Chris has really stepped up over the past few years and managed things amazingly well on the homefront while I’ve been traveling frequently for work and attending conferences like Ad:Tech, Pubcon and Blog World Expo.  But he also has a demanding job working for our local water utility.

Exhibit A: First Grade Cheerleading.

Also, our kids are getting to the age where they have interests and activities of their own.  Between tae kwon do, cheerleading and Venture scouts, it’s too much for me to not make a bigger commitment to being available to my family.  There’s being a working mom, and being an absentee mom, and I’m trying to avoid sliding into the latter.

Last fall, I got a scary call about an issue with my son while I was out of town.  While I knew Chris had it handled, I would have given anything to be able to hug my son and reassure myself everything was going to be okay.

So anyway, I’m moving on to a new opportunity.  I’ll be joining Makespace, a digital shop here in Louisville.

Even for someone like me who likes change as a general rule, shaking up the status quo is a little nerve-wracking.  I’ll miss the good friends I’ve made, and some of the perks of working downtown (Alas! No more friday Main Eatery grilled cheese and tomato bisque! No more “Code: Bourbon” at the Bristol after a particularly stressful day!)

But at a certain point, if you don’t take action to set your priorities and agenda, you find that life (or your Shadow, if you’re feeling particularly Jungian) sets them for you.

I’m in the midst of making some bold moves to correct that.


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    Too few people are able (or willing) to keep their priorities in check — and our culture isn’t very forgiving in allowing people to break out of expectations and set their own agenda.

    Good on ‘ya, and best of luck.

  2. Kat French

    Thanks, guys. It’s been a fun ride, but I’m ready to move on. 😀


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    Best wishes to you, Kat! You’ve certainly left a great legacy behind, and I think you’ll enjoy the Makespace gang. You know I’ve made very similar career moves for veyr similar reasons, so I empathize completely.

    Good call on the grilled cheese and tomato bisque at Main eatery… now my mouth is watering! 😉 Hope to see ya around again…

  4. Kat French


    Thanks for the compliment ~and~ the encouragement, man. I know you know where I’m coming from with all this. See ya around the Ville… it’s a small town, after all. 😉


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  6. Corey Smith

    Hi Kat,

    Many thanks for bringing us into Doe Anderson. All the best to you and your family!


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