1. Bartlett

    I agree and toast with you, sis.

  2. Bartlett

    An addendum: As someone who has had relationships with people who “get me,” it goes a long way toward explaining why intelligent adult humans do horrible things to their partners that cause long years of reflection and recovery. That “get you” concept is a muy potente aphrodesiac. I don’t have to be frustrated! I don’t have to grit my teeth! I don’t have to WORK at this! LET’S HAVE SEX!!!! WHOO HOO!!!

    Or something like that. And yeah, the physical can be pretty intense because you GET what the other wants and vice versa.

    But, as you noted, it’s a one-trick pony. These relationships have always lost their luster because they were more like a kind of emotional masturbation than a real relationship. They were… easy?


  3. ·

    If you’ve ever seen the episodes of Seinfeld that dealt with his brief engagement to Janeane Garofolo’s character “Jeanie,” you’ve pretty much seen how that plays out, in abbreviated and highly comic form.

    Stage One:”I’ve swept me off my feet!”
    Stage Two:”Wow, this is cool; it’s like being in a relationship with myself!”
    Stage Three: “Dear God help me, it’s like being in a relationship with myself! What was I thinking?”


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