Monthly Archives: January 2012

Fiction: Staying On Track

[I wrote this flash fiction piece at the last Quills & Quibbles writers group meeting. The assignment was to write for ten minutes, longhand, and to include the word or idea "button."] Nora fiddled with the top button on her heavy coat. It would be time to leave soon. She was worried about Arthur. He was prone to taking a… Read more →

Three words for 2012

Fellow web nerd Chris Brogan regularly distills his “New Year’s resolutions” into three code-word themes.  Last week, he once again sent out a year-end reminder and request for people to do likewise.  I don’t always play along, but this year in particular it seemed like a good tool for what I have planned. My three words for this year are:… Read more →

What I mean by #lifeisattention

I’ve been quietly making little notes to myself on Twitter for a few weeks as the year winds down to a close. I’ve been hashtagging the notes #lifeisattention so I can find them easily later.  The short format of Twitter forces me to keep things concise and specific, which is also good when your attention is a little wayward. ADDCrusher… Read more →

New year, new blog, or somesuch

A few items of housekeeping, for those brave stalwart souls who are still following along here. I am shortly about to change web hosts. I’ve had no trouble with my current host, I just got a really excellent deal on an entire year’s hosting and decided it was worth making the switch. Along with the hosting, I got a new… Read more →