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Book Review: Lock In

The next few book reviews are going to be “variations on a theme,” the theme in question being “detective story / speculative fiction mashups.” First up, we’re going to cover Lock In by John Scalzi. If you enjoyed I Robot, Almost Human, or Minority Report (the movie or the series) this might be right…

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Book Review: Fluency

Every girl needs a giant telepathic space octopus BFF, amiright? I’ve been reviewing a lot of fantasy lately, so I figured I would switch things up a little and cover Fluency, a nifty space opera from Jennifer Foehner Wells (aka @Jenthulhu). A lot of (mostly male) reviewers have their undies in…

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Ex Machina

“You are a machine!” I have lost count of the number of times coworkers and supervisors have said this to me over the years. Mostly they say it because when necessary, I can crank out a ridiculous volume of high quality work in a short time. And in advertising and marketing,…

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