Who is That Darn Kat?

By day, I am a copywriter and content strategist for an advertising agency. By night (weekend, lunch break, etc.) I write speculative fiction. All the time, I'm a wife, mom, stumbling Jesus follower, coffee addict and chronic overthinker.

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Getting a game plan going

Yesterday’s appointment went very well. I don’t know if this is the case with most people, but I have better luck in general with nurse practitioners than doctors. After taking a thorough history, the NP is pretty convinced the primary culprit for my panic attack is my slightly-insane caffeine intake. Probably compounded by a solid three months of saying “yes”… Read more →

Still a little whimsical in the brainpan

Today I have an appointment with a behavioral health specialist, to follow up after the panic attack that lasted over an hour and put me in the hospital more than a month ago. Evidently, this is the soonest they could work me in. Glad it wasn’t a heart condition, if that’s as fast as a specialist can see you these days. You’d all be… Read more →

Disney’s new Cinderella, and the evolution of the princess myth

Clearly, I’m obsessed with fairytales. I write steampunk versions of them. I watch Once Upon a Time (and occasionally review it here). I geek out when they finally put out an unabridged, uncensored English translation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales after a mere 400 years. Over the weekend, I watched the trailer for the new live-action Disney version of Cinderella. If… Read more →

Am I a professional writer now?

Being a writer is a weird and winding journey, with a lot of arbitrary milestones. You might think you become a professional writer the first time you are paid for writing down words. But when that happens, you discover the words “real” and “professional” and “writer” have layers upon layers of meaning to your neurotic soul. Is it the first acceptance?… Read more →