Who is That Darn Kat?

By day, I am a copywriter and content strategist for an advertising agency. By night (weekend, lunch break, etc.) I write speculative fiction. All the time, I'm a wife, mom, stumbling Jesus follower, coffee addict and chronic overthinker.

A Room to Grow

Sunday night, Chris and I moved into our new bedroom. We’ve been working on getting our attached garage remodeled into a master bedroom suite for close to two years now. I helped a lot with the demolition phase, but as construction started, nobody was particularly comfortable with me wielding power tools. Which is probably best. So most of the work fell… Read more →

ONCE: How do you rappel in an evening gown anyway?

I am totally enjoying this season of Once Upon a Time. Because, duh, Snow Queen. I loved Emma yelling “Hey, Dairy Queen!” at Elizabeth Mitchell, who makes a fabulous villain. I think she’s lying like a rug when she tells Elsa she’s her mother’s sister, but I do think she actually met Elsa’s mom. I just think it might have been on less… Read more →

Things to do that aren’t writing

Things I will be doing that aren’t writing or working on freelance projects in the next couple of weeks: Finishing the scarf I started knitting for Maddie last summer. Starting a scarf for Josh which will hopefully get finished before he graduates, gets married and has his first kid. Making soup. Lotta soup. Maybe homemade bread, too. Reading. (Although I… Read more →

Getting Things to Done

I’m starting off this Monday morning a little tired after staying up to finish the draft of my second novel (which was, weirdly, my first story sale) Bitter Cold. I wrapped it up at almost exactly midnight, which I’m taking as a good omen. Now that the draft is done, I’m comfortable giving folks a sneak peek at the cover: Finishing… Read more →